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Top 7 SEO Auditing, Research and Reporting Tools


SEO optimising can be quite daunting and time consuming, especially if you aren't using the right tools or plugins to help you. Here we will go through the best tools to use for optimising your content.


The top 7


1. Majestic SEO - Majestic has its own standalone algorithms and software unlike other tools that piggy back the information from Google etc. This tool will exactly give you the exact data of all websites, giving you more insights. It is a widely used tool with a whopping 70% of western SEO consultants using it. Better yet it also has a wide range of tools to help you improve the whole package.


2. SEMRush - If you want profitable keywords, look no further. SEMrush is specifically designed to seek out these little gold mines and show you your competition. It will do the hard work for you by looking at trends in your niche and providing you with information to help optimise your content.


3. Moz - Don't be put off by its unappealing name, it's a very popular tool used for measuring and evaluating aspects of a websites SEO as well as working for Social Media accounts. It is highly recommended by many of website owners and has been dubbed the 'over night sensation creator'.


4. Web-CEO - Is a cloud based marketing platform giving white-label reporting. There are 15 handy tools for keyword searching, link quality control, site monitoring, competitor monitoring, analysing social media and website performance.


5. Raven Tools - Is a comprehensive tool offering flexibility and in-depth reports. Not only can you get the standard SEO reports but you can identify the errors and fix them.


6. DomCop - This little beauty searches for expired domains and directs you to an auction for them. This can be very useful as an SEO service, because you can use expired domains to setup your own internal network. The site itself doesn't sell them, only finds them and analyses them. It offers a lot of advance options for searches and criteria.


7. AHrefs - Is a new contender for researching into links, they also offer tools such as SERPs Analysis, Site explorers and reports. One great tool is the Anchor text report which lists the anchor texts in external links and number of occurrences. It's a very thorough tool and definitely one worth checking out if you want to develop backlinks.